Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back to My Health.

I have neglected this blog because...

A. I quit smoking and got fat again.
B. I got fat again.

Sure, I can blame the fact that I have gained back the weight I lost 2 years ago because I quit smoking, or because I've developed Morton's Neuroma and can't run anymore, but let's be honest. I have neglected my health.

I am 4 pounds heavier than my "before" photos from last time. Ugh.

I am on Day 2 of walking, juicing, making smoothies and eating right again. I also plan on getting my feet taken care of so I can exercise again without pain.

This is my BEFORE weight, and it bites.


I'm like Janet Jackson.

Fat Janet, fit Janet. Repeat.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fitbit Force Rash, Burn From Band? You Can Get a Refund

FitBit Force
I wrote about our new Fitbits recently, and both my husband and I really love ours. But suddenly we've been faced with a bizarre issue after my husband started getting a rash on his wrist.

The rash, that looks more like a burn than anything, is raw, red and on the upper/outer part of his wrist. We have a woodstove and my husband wondered if he burnt himself without realizing. He decided it was that - or his Fitbit Force.

The Fitbit Force was a gift from me on Christmas. He started wearing it shortly after, and just two days ago (February 18th), he noticed the rash/burn mark.

We had seen the warning for awhile now on the FitBit Dashboard.

"A small percentage of Fitbit Force users have reported skin sensitivity. Click here to learn more."

When you click the FAQ it doesn't tell you much except FitBit has no idea why people are having reactions and that they are conducting further tests to determine the irritant. They also inform you that they will refund you for your FitBit if you're having the rash// burn.

Tons of people have posted photos of their rashes on Twitter, and so far there are more than 200 pages of discussion on FitBit's forum from affected users.

Someone else has created an amazing spreadsheet with details of affected user's rash info, such as time it took to get the rash, the gender of the person, the color of the band, etc. It's quite informational.

This is a photo of my husband's FitBit Force rash. He stopped wearing it yesterday. Still looks terrible. Of course he is on business travel now and is none too pleased with the appearance of his arm.

Fitbit Force Rash Burn On Wrist From Band
The FitBit Force rash burn mark
I think the problem is mostly with the Fitbit Force, but there have been a few affected Flex users as well.

The other problem Fitbit users are having with the band is that it constantly falls off. The "snap" clasp is terribly ineffective and when brushed against something, it easily is disconnected. I have a slate colored Force and I took a Sharpie to the inside of the band, to write my phone number if one day I lose it.

I'll keep you updated with the outcome of this.

Have you experienced a rash or a burn mark after using the FitBit Force?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Got A New FitBit Force. Help Getting Back on Track!

FitBit Force Weight Loss Juicing
FitBit Force: My new BFF.
I haven't blogged in ages, but I am still juicing. No, nothing like I was this time last year when I went nearly 100 days of 90% juice diet. You know how life goes, I broke the diet and started eating whatever I wanted again (lots of carbs) and my weight has suffered.

I juice for lunch a few times a week still, but I need to get back to watching my diet, portions and yes, exercise. After the holidays I feel my body could use a cleansing. Ugh.

I bought my husband a FitBit Force for Christmas, he runs often, and he loved it so much he bought one for me. I've seriously needed something to inspire me. This might just be it.

I took it out of the box right away and put it on. It needed charging, but had enough juice for me to pound out a couple mile walk with my dog. 5,100 steps. Your daily goal is 10,000. I'm charging it now, but will wear this every moment of the day otherwise. Except the shower of course, they are not waterproof.

I ordered a FitBt Force in the "small" size. I have small wrists and there's not a lot of room. I'd recommend a large band for most people. The small is smaller than I expected, but works for me.

The FitBit Force tracks steps, distance, flights of stairs, calories burned and even your sleep patterns. It syncs up to your laptop easily and is simple to use.

When you log into your account you can see your data, and you can also enter your food intake. Enter your height and weight and it tells you your BMI (body mass index).

This is only Day 1 for me, and I've only gotten to use it for about 35 minutes, but already I love it. I'll update as I use it more. I also plan on updating some fun juicing articles again.

Happy 2014. Let's do this.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Juicing Lifestyle: Keeping the Weight Off With Regular Juicing

Here I am more than four months after beginning my 60-day juicing fast. Although I did eat some solids during my juice fast (which turned out to be about 75 days long) I mostly stuck with juice and I managed to drop about 17-pounds. Then I went on vacation, came home, and am trying to adjust to life while continuing a healthy juicing lifestyle.

What's a "juicing lifestyle"? Well, to me it's simply incorporating juice into my everyday life. I don't need to juice from dawn until dusk, but I do need to continue to juice daily, eat raw foods and avoid sugar and bread. I should add wine to that list of things to avoid, but I'm a sucker for a good Pinot Grigio.

My juicing habits have changed somewhat, but I still juice for breakfast and usually lunch. For snack I still eat almonds, lots of apples and I am finding that making healthy smoothies are helping to fill me up.

I use only healthy ingredients in my smoothies, no dairy (minus a little bit of greek yogurt, and almond milk, which isn't really dairy), no sugar (I use honey), and of course I use fresh fruits, kale and flax. A nice change from juicing, and I usually have one of these midday.

For dinner I eat healthy, small portions and I wash it down with water. But juice is still my main fuel for the day. I tend to not juice on Saturdays, it's my day off to not worry about dieting, and sometimes I indulge in a hamburger. It keeps me sane.

My juicing lifestyle has really become about maintaining weight loss and continuing to eat/drink healthy while eating solid foods as well. You can't juice for a year, well, I guess you could but it would be hard, so I just plan on juicing daily and continuing to take in the fresh goodness.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Juicing Vs. Smoothies


Juicing vs. Smoothies: I'm ready to try both!

I just returned from a vacation on a tropical, remote island, where I indulged. Yes, this was the long awaited trip that I was hoping to lose weight for, back when I started juicing at the end of December.
I had lost nearly 20-pounds before my trip and felt good about it. I considered packing my Breville juicer for the trip. But that would be silly, right? And heavy. So I didn't do it.

It was a good thing because while on my vacation all my thoughts of, 'I'm only going to eat fruit and fish, and drink vodka sodas.' Yeah, right. I did eat a lot of fish and fruit, but I also ate deep fried coconut shrimp, drank tropical sugary drinks daily, and had bagels for breakfast. I never once regretted it. It felt good to not worry about what I was eating, and concentrate more on relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Of course I weighed myself the night we arrived home. I had gained 9-pounds, in 10 days. I wasn't too bothered by it, in fact, I was a little excited. I knew I could drop the weight quickly once I started juicing again.

48 hours later I have lost 6 of those pounds. I think it's because I am flushing out my system. Believe me, flushing out is the correct term. ;)

I did run into a juice bar on the island, they also had smoothies. They had ingredients like almond or coconut milk, frozen bananas and fruits, honey, peanut butter. I decided when I would return home that I would begin drinking smoothies in addition to my juice. I also wanted to compare juice vs. smoothies to see if drinking BOTH would make it an easier diet to follow, rather than drinking all juice.

So far I love it. I still lost the 6 pounds and the smoothies help me to feel full. I freeze my kale so that it chops up nicely in the blender with the other ingredients. And yes, kale freezes very nicely.

I froze my bananas and when ready, I pop them into the microwave (ON DEFROST!) for one minute. This simply softens the peel so that you can peel it. I have a bag of Costco frozen strawberries (the only way to buy them in bulk for a decent price) and they make it so that I don't have to add any ice. I like to add ground flax seed to the smoothie mixture to bulk it up, and make it even more nutritional.
Then I add pineapple, just one 1" round slice, trimmed of it's core & exterior. When all those ingredients are in the blender I add my almond milk. The brand I buy (Blue Almond) is unsweetened Vanilla, with only 30 calories per cup!


Since it's mostly fruit I am making mostly vegetable based juice for now, with one lemon or lime, or one orange or an apple, to sweeten.

I will keep posting about juice vs. smoothies as I continue this diet so you can see my progress. I am looking forward to all this deliciousness!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

60 Day Juice Fast RESULTS! Before & After Pics!

Here it is! Day 60 of my juice fast! I made it, and to be honest with you, after the results I have had, I am just going to keep on juicing (and blogging about it!)

I honestly had NO IDEA I would make it this far, but incorporating a small bit of solid foods has helped to keep me sane.  90% of what intake is juice, but as I have said before, I also eat lots of almonds, raw fruits and vegetables and Friday nights I have dinner with my husband out on the town.

Here are my RESULTS after 60 days:

Beginning weight:   169 lbs.
Current weight:     152 lbs.
Total weight lost:    17 lbs.

Before and After pics of my weight loss results:

Before and After Juicing Juice Fast Results Pics
Before and After 60 days of juicing, down 17 pounds!!
My Tips:

Drink lots of water! Water helps flush toxins out of your body and promotes weight loss.

If you need to eat, eat something healthy! Veggies, fruits, small portions of any solids. I eat no bread whatsoever (except MAYBE once on the weekend) and avoid all sugar. I do enjoy fish occasionally or chicken, and rarely have beef. After a few days of juicing your cravings for carbs and sugar will subside, sounds crazy but it did for me, and I love it. Nuts are filling and have a crunch that will satisfy you. Almonds are your best choice! No salted nuts, please.

Treat yourself to one 'splurge' meal a week!
I have a friend who is a personal trainer. He tells me, one day a week eat anything you want! It will keep you sane and can boost your metabolism. I DO THIS. Friday nights dinner with hubby, and I eat some solids on the weekends. I make healthy choices, make sure I eat small portions and I MIGHT splurge on a terrific breakfast on Sundays. Sometimes I don't.

Are you at a plateau? Keep going! I wrote about this before and it can be difficult if you're not seeing pounds drop like they did in your first week of juicing. Keep juicing, the scale will keep moving in the right direction.

Take photos! A must! I am so glad I have been taking before and after pictures along the way. It is inspiring to see how far you have come! Photographic proof helps to keep you on the right track.

Happy juicing!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Juicing Plateau - Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Okay, so I am getting frustrated that my weight loss is STILL at a plateau despite drinking juice daily.

I have been doing some research as to why your body may be at a weight loss plateau even though you are juicing everyday. What I found may help you to overcome it as well.

Drink more water! Everything I have read says this. Water helps to flush out the toxins and is imperative for weight loss, even while juicing. I know you're probably peeing like crazy with all the juice, but keep downing that water!

More vegetables than fruit: This is a tough one because naturally we all find sweet juices more palatable than vegetable juices. But we must remember, there is natural sugar in fruits, and we can get too much of it as well. Try sticking to mostly vegetable based juices, adding fruits in sparingly. Not to say that you can't have a delicious fresh orange/grapefruit juice every morning, but if you do, make up for it with lots of veggie juice throughout the day.

Weighing yourself every single day? Stop! I am absolutely guilty of this! I KNOW I shouldn't be weighing myself every morning but I always think today will be the day that 7 pounds magically fell off! Yeah, right. Unless you are in your first week of juicing, or you have a large amount of weight to lose, you probably won't be seeing daily weight loss drops that large. Once a week is recommended, just keep in mind that this is long term, and that the weight WILL eventually start coming off again. Keep your eye on the prize, not the scale.

Exercising/ Walking: Any amount of exercise is good, even when juicing. I know the lack of calories might make it difficult to go run 5-miles, but if you can walk for 30 minutes a day, you could see a boost in your weight loss.

Hope these help, until my next weight loss post, keep on juicing!